3 Things People do that Ruins their Plumbing!

Joining two different metals in piping

DIY plumbers beware! When dissimilar metals, such as copper and steel, are touching, a process called galvanic action leads to corrosion. Corrosion leads to leaks. Such joins must be made with a dielectric union or other approved fittings.

Using the toilet as a trash can

We all know it’s stupid, and we do it anyway. It’s as though, at the back of our minds, each of us believes that if we can just get it to flush, it will be magically out of our lives forever. As if, at the other end of the toilet, there is nothing but a black hole, a portal to a subterranean outer space that swallows up everything we discard and whisks it off into oblivion. Unfortunately, that oblivion is a 3 in drain pipe that leads into another drain pipe, which is THE drain pipe to your entire house. In other word, flushing improper items down the toilet ultimately can stop up everything in the house. But we do it anyway. And the bottom line is, if it ain’t toilet paper (or you-know-what), it doesn’t belong there.

Pouring grease down the kitchen drain

If you’re in the habit of pouring bacon grease down the kitchen sink drain, you might as well try to stuff an entire pig down there. Grease is one of the best things for clogging drains (so is the soap we use in the bathroom)

Even if you are not guilty of grease disposal, you might be one of those folks who believe a garbage disposal is the equivalent of a space-fantasy ray gun. It’s not. It’s a motor with a spinning wheel that has two metal teeth thingees, and it does very little to stop the following from clogging your drain. Worst offenders?  Flour, rice, potato peels (and some other veggie peels) and fibrous foods such as asparagus and chard.

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