Emergency Situations

Everyday we deal with emergency situations: leaking hot water tanks, overflowing toilet, plugged drains, to name a few. Here is a list of important information to know to help yourself avoid disaster and to assist Marshall Plumbing Ltd when you call in for help.


Water Shut Off Valve. Do you know where all the water shut off valves are in your house? They are usually (we say usually because some builders have them installed in different spots) in the line from the water supply to the toilet tank, sink, laundry room, behind refrigerators (those with water attachment). A main shut off valve will shut the water off to the entire house at one time. Is it in the laundry room or crawl space. Is it easy to get at? If not, consider having it moved to a more accessible spot.


Hot Water Tank. Do you know how old your hot water tank is? Most electric tanks have a life span of 10 years. Often insurance companies will not pay a claim for repairs if the tank is over 10 years old. So have a look at your tank for the serial number plaque attached to the side of your tank and write down the info. The first 4 digits will often tell you the date the tank was manufactured.


Braided Stainless Supply Hose. Have a look at the back of your washing machine and toilets. What kind of hose is attached to the water supply? Replacing plastic hoses with braided supply hose reduces the chance of developing a weak spot in the hose which can burst (usually happens when you are not home!)


These are a few of the simple things you can do to prevent serious water damage to your house. Have fun on your water treasure hunt and call us for help. 250-585-2021

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